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I am trying to send certain parameters in the request body while making a NSURLConnection.

One of the parameter is base64 encoded.

this is the parameter -

"GZ3m8ImhowVFr01Jf0UAwUWgJ3MvNYgDmkb0x2cOauw/rwLsPanFIHb6xigvi2WR/z47OOOk8Ur+ ev8U2DI5ThDyNZtjfYyMRql7l6DJ9qlNlftwe7bX6qIzkstUBTI5xor9CBYh19lAkc5I207eZAwZ arR85hynWJ9IVM/dQ5TNyjLJy5lABBATkWhdGfwi+0VxYyY7iMYjq+Iq1jkizPN1bKgLCJ0duvPz z003PNQI5oJHuX3zUn3dYl7czUVOwMhJE4SJ7f3U7YuPWJIKfEPaN69h8FsGQRL/+kTx/SdedeiG /Q4I49duSV9apDrWKX+LGaJsr9nCQ9L+ZGbRFg=="

I don't think its very huge. Or is it?

My request fails every time. It says "Client closed connection before receiving entire response". "500 Internal Server Error"

Is the base64 paramater causing the problem.

The method type is 'GET', does NSURLConnection allows base64 encoded objects to be sent with the body?

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Is the server rejecting the request because you should be using POST? Be specific about "My request fails every time". – Alan Zeino Aug 7 '12 at 7:50
Even I was wondering it should be 'POST' and not 'GET'. But I am not sure. Have edited my question regarding failure. – Vaibhav Tekam Aug 7 '12 at 7:56
No, it's not huge. You should be ok with GET. Take a look to your server response; It looks like your client ( I believe it's your iPhone app ) closes the connection too early. Try posting the way you send the request, I believe there must be the problem – Sava Mazăre Aug 7 '12 at 8:32

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Base64 has nothing in common to your connection issues. Not to GET nor POST. Base64 is a huge string ( I guess ASCII, but not sure ), and it is transmitted through get or post like a regular string. Your problem COULD be as follows: you use GET, and try to send an extra-huge Base64 string, which cannot be sent via GET, due to its huge size (as I remember, GET should be used also for non-huge string requests).

Your option: use POST. So you will be able so send huge amount of data as parameter values.

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