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i've installed Powermail 1.6.8 in a TYPO3 version 4.5.

When I click on submit on an empty form, some error messages come that can#t be styled since they have inline styles. I would like to use a jQuery plugin to check the validation. How can I deactivate the normal powermail validation?

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I don't know if you have already found a solution, but by default you can change this with TYPO3 Constants:

plugin.powermail.js.validation = 0

If you select 'Template' and select "Constants Editor" in the dropdown that pops up in the third column (Backend), you are able to change a lot of settings yourself.

There is another setting that disables all javascript form validation and "special" input types from Powermail:

plugin.powermail.js.alwaysInclude = 0

More constants and setup for your Powermail 1.6.8 can be found here.

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You need to just add

page.includeJSFooterlibs.powermailJQueryFormValidationLanguage >
page.includeJSFooterlibs.powermailJQueryFormValidation >

in your setup TS

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