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Scenario: A magento shop with several extensions, customized themes

Problem: Beginning some changes in the checkout module and theme some customers are not forwarded to the payment provider (all of them, paypal,, wirecard credit card processing).

What makes it hard to debug for us, is, that we just cannot see this effect on our own. The flow from the customers perspective should be (and which is standard in magento):

  1. checkout
  2. press "buy now" button
  3. a page with the message "if you are not forwarded to providee press here"
  4. visitor gets automatically forwarded
  5. makes payment on providers page
  6. return

what customers report is, that they get a blank page on 3. - so obviously this page is not built correctly. but we don't get log entries on our side, and on the providers side are no log entries, as they never reach him.

what we did:

  • switch to a completely different checkout
  • switched off an extension by the same developer as the custom checkout, which deals heavily in ajax/javascript (it's template-masters fire checkout, ajax pro which is usually very high quality and the support is fantastic, but as they don't see what our clients report, they can't really help either)
  • eliminated almost all "small" warnings/errors in the logs which we ignored until then

how could we possibly debug this? is there a way to write out all page content as it is delivered to the visitor for later inspection?

could the problem be somewhere else (apache, connectivity, ssl?)

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why not start with regular debugging steps and common sense:

  • if it is a blank page then it must be a php error
  • my php errors are logged to error_log (see from phpinfo where exactly)
  • lets observe all the server logs in var/log and other apache and php related logs and see if there are errors in them and see what can cause

in reality Magento disables error reporting in index.php so to get better reports from users enable error logging there. If it is a php error then it is logged in php error log never the less. If after enabling the error reporting to users they still get blank pages then this means premature content output before php headers are set (blank page is present no errors reported in frontend but logged to php error log)

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Thanks. We are a step further. 1) I doubt, that it is really a blank page. The page, even for successful payments is "nearly blank". It could well be, that there is code in the page. this "blank page" is a user report, so treat it with care 2) also, we certainly enabled all debugging options on our dev servers. 3) the main problem is, as described, that we are not able to successfully repeat the problem here. so we need an approach to "see what the user sees" when he is reporting it. – perler Aug 7 '12 at 11:18
ask for user to take a screenshot – Anton S Aug 7 '12 at 11:59
Problem is, that the user calls long after the checkout. He clicks "buy", gets to the blank page and wonders if everything is fine now or not. Also, the source code of the page would be more helpful, as the user sees a ..blank page ;) – perler Aug 7 '12 at 12:36
as said if blank and no source then you have premature content before header issue and it is logged to system.log and to your server error_log – Anton S Aug 7 '12 at 15:05
Sorry, but this conclusion is wrong IMHO. her you have a completely sane blank page which doesn't put a whiff into the logs: – perler Aug 7 '12 at 21:17

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