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Is anyone using DataTables with drill down rows and nested independent table? Similar to powerTable?

Can you post any links/examples?

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If your question is answered, please mark the answer as such. – Rafael Cichocki Jul 4 '13 at 13:44
this is latest official sample - @user1339164 – ajahongir Apr 7 at 18:37

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Here's my JSFiddle(press "Run" for icons to show) which implements independent nested jQuery DataTables. In this case I just copy the html of the original Table, and post it into the Details row, to save me the hassle of making a new Table.

Here's the only interesting part of the code really, that makes the NestedTables different from simple DrillDown:

else {      /* Open this row */

            this.src = "";

            // fnFormatDetails() pieces my Table together, instead you can 
            // use whatever code you like to create your nested Table html
            oTable.fnOpen(nTr, fnFormatDetails(iTableCounter, TableHtml), 'details');

            // ... and here I cast dataTable() on the newly created nestedTable 
            oInnerTable = $("#exampleTable_" + iTableCounter).dataTable({
                "bJQueryUI": true,
                "sPaginationType": "full_numbers"
            iTableCounter = iTableCounter + 1;

Notice how you can Filter, Sort, etc.. on each table independently.

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I built on top of Rafael Cichocki's excellent jsfiddle adding dynamic data and two different datatables to emphasize that the fact that detail table can be different from the master table:

$('#exampleTable tbody td img').live('click', function () {
            var nTr = $(this).parents('tr')[0];
            var nTds = this;

            if (oTable.fnIsOpen(nTr)) {
                /* This row is already open - close it */
                this.src = "";
            else {
                /* Open this row */
                var rowIndex = oTable.fnGetPosition( $(nTds).closest('tr')[0] ); 
                var detailsRowData = newRowData[rowIndex].details;

                this.src = "";
                oTable.fnOpen(nTr, fnFormatDetails(iTableCounter, detailsTableHtml), 'details');
                oInnerTable = $("#exampleTable_" + iTableCounter).dataTable({
                    "bJQueryUI": true,
                    "bFilter": false,
                    "aaData": detailsRowData,
                    "aoColumns": [
                    { "mDataProp": "name" },
                    { "mDataProp": "team" },
                    { "mDataProp": "server" }
                    "bPaginate": false,
                    "oLanguage": {
                        "sInfo": "_TOTAL_ entries"
                iTableCounter = iTableCounter + 1;
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Excellent !! That what i was searching allover the internet for. Thanks – radev Apr 16 '14 at 9:29

Came across this post some days ago*: -- seems like the example has a 'minor bug', occurring when "iTableCounter > newRowData.length": the implication is that the table 'stops expanding and contracting' on mouse-clicks.

Suggested solution: resetting the counter to '0'. -- if anyone would be able to refute/verify my suggestions (as JavaScript is not my language of experience), I would be more than grateful! ;)

(* If my post is a year too late, I apologize. However, given the great functionality which the example illustrates, I hope I'll be forgiven.)

Ole Kristian Ekseth, NTNU, Norway

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