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I need to create the SSH Key pairs in windows. I need to do it programatically, ie without using the puttygen.exe GUI. Kindly get me ways to accomplish the same.


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In my opinion the best solution is to install Cygwin or Git for Windows if you might need Git at some point.

If Cygwin is installed, in the terminal it can be done the same way as on Linux. GitHub provides a nice tutorial on generating SSH keys.

For the record:

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

The keys by default are placed in ~/.ssh which in Windows is C:\Users\USER_NAME\.ssh\ or simply %HOME%\.ssh.

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Did you tried puttygen.exe from command line ? Manual with examples: Should work on windows too.

If this not help, I will look for windows version of 'ssh-keygen'

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