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I have a problem with my akka java project using play framework , to implement rubine algorithm, that i want to share with the community hoping to get a solution.

the project contains an akka master actor that creates a child actor. the child actor then intializes a java class that performs some task. Data for the task is provided by a web interface using websocket and json object. The json object contains a double data type. A play framework application class takes the data from the web interface and pass it to master actor. the master actor then creates a child actor and pass the data to the child actor.below is the code snippet. the relevant sections are hightloghted

This is from the application class:

public class Application extends Controller {   
static ActorRef masterActor;
RubineActor rubineactor;

public static Result index() {        
return ok(index.render(null)); }

public static WebSocket<JsonNode> sockHandler() {     
return new WebSocket<JsonNode>() {
// called when the websocket is established
public void onReady(final WebSocket.In<JsonNode> in, final WebSocket.Out<JsonNode> out) { 

try{ RubineActor.connectMaster(in, out); }  

catch(Exception e){e.printStackTrace();}                        
      }  }; } }

This is from the master actor:

public class RubineActor extends UntypedActor {         
static ObjectMapper mapper;       
Map<String,ArrayList<Double>> jsonMap;          
LoggingAdapter log = Logging.getLogger(getContext().system(), this);        
ActorRef childActor = getContext().actorOf(new Props(ChildActor.class), "childactor");
static ActorRef masterActor = Akka.system().actorOf(new Props(RubineActor.class));    

public static void connectMaster (final WebSocket.In<JsonNode> in, 
final WebSocket.Out<JsonNode> out)
{   in.onMessage(new Callback<JsonNode>() {
public void invoke(JsonNode event) throws JsonParseException, JsonMappingException,  
IOException {    

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();                 
Map<String,ArrayList<Double>> jsonMap = mapper.readValue(event, Map.class);

masterActor.tell(new Coordinates(jsonMap));                                         
("timeArray").toString();  }    });   }

public void onReceive(Object message) throws Exception {        
if(message instanceof Coordinates)

{Coordinates msg = (Coordinates) message;
childActor.tell(msg); } 
else { unhandled(message);}  }

public static class Coordinates {                                                   
Map <String,ArrayList<Double>> jsonMap = null;              
public Coordinates (Map <String,ArrayList<Double>> jsonMap ) {              
this.jsonMap = jsonMap;  }  }}
this is from the child actor
public class ChildActor extends UntypedActor {                  
public ChildActor (){}

public void onReceive(Object msg) throws Exception  

if(msg instanceof Coordinates) {
Coordinates cood = (Coordinates) msg;
new Gesture(cood.jsonMap);
else { unhandled(msg);} }}

This is from the normal java class:

Map<String, ArrayList<Double>> jsonMap ;
Map <String,ArrayList<Long>> jsonMap2 ;                             

public Gesture(){}        
public Gesture (Map<String, ArrayList<Double>> jsonMap)
{  this.jsonMap  = jsonMap;
npoints = jsonMap.size();
intial_Theta();  }

public void intial_Theta() {    

// this line produces a class cast exception error.the error is given below.
double  dx = jsonMap.get("x").get(2) - jsonMap.get("x").get(0);} 

This is the error message:

[info] Compiling 4 Scala sources and 10 Java sources to C:\Users\FAISAL\workspac
[info] play - Application started (Dev)
[info] play - Starting application default Akka system.
[ERROR] [08/07/2012 05:15:11.187] [application-akka.actor.default-dispatcher-3]
[akka://application/user/$a/childactor] java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java
java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.Doub
        at model.Gesture.intial_Theta(Gesture.java:90)
        at model.Gesture.<init>(Gesture.java:74)
        at model.ChildActor.onReceive(ChildActor.java:19)
        at akka.actor.UntypedActor$$anonfun$receive$1.apply(UntypedActor.scala:1
        at akka.actor.UntypedActor$$anonfun$receive$1.apply(UntypedActor.scala:1
        at akka.actor.Actor$class.apply(Actor.scala:318)
        at akka.actor.UntypedActor.apply(UntypedActor.scala:93)
        at akka.actor.ActorCell.invoke(ActorCell.scala:626)
        at akka.dispatch.Mailbox.processMailbox(Mailbox.scala:197)
        at akka.dispatch.Mailbox.run(Mailbox.scala:179)
        at akka.dispatch.ForkJoinExecutorConfigurator$MailboxExecutionTask.exec(
        at akka.jsr166y.ForkJoinTask.doExec(ForkJoinTask.java:259)
        at akka.jsr166y.ForkJoinPool$WorkQueue.runTask(ForkJoinPool.java:975)
        at akka.jsr166y.ForkJoinPool.runWorker(ForkJoinPool.java:1479)
        at akka.jsr166y.ForkJoinWorkerThread.run(ForkJoinWorkerThread.java:104)

will be very glad for any suggestion.

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It looks to me like this is not immediately about Akka or Play, it's just that you have Integer values in your JSON data.

You would expect that not to happen in a type safe language since you declared the variable to be an ArrayList<Double>, but that's Java for you. Here's a simplified version that reproduces your problem:

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.ArrayList;

public class x { 

    static void breakMap(Map x) { 
        ArrayList<Integer> l = new ArrayList<Integer>();
        l.add(new Integer(1));
        x.put("foo", l);

    public static void main(String[] args) { 
        Map<String, ArrayList<Double>> x = new HashMap<String, ArrayList<Double> >();

        ArrayList<Double> y = x.get("foo");
        Double z = y.get(0);



Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.Double
        at x.main(x.java:20)
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