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Is it possible to attach a file with a unicode filename to an email when using MAPI?

The documentation says that MAPISendMailW is available only starting with Win8, which makes it pretty much useless for me. The docs say to use MAPISendMailHelper on Win7 and earlier, but the docs for MAPISendMailHelper say that it will convert the unicode information to ANSI if MAPISendMailW is not available.

I've started to suspect it might not be possible at all, but I'm asking anyway just in case.

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It's not possible for simple MAPI, MAPISendMailHelper merely calls MAPISendMail when MAPISendMailW is not available, and MAPISendMail doesn't support Unicode.

With extended MAPI (simply called "MAPI" by Microsoft, samples included), it's possible, but extended MAPI will make your code significantly more complicated, and is for practical purposes limited to Outlook/Exchange.

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What is extended MAPI? Could you give me a link to the documentation? – sashoalm Aug 7 '12 at 8:54
@satuon Sure, linkified now. – hvd Aug 7 '12 at 8:58

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