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We're trying to switch to git, but run into some troubles.

With SVN, we could do a refresh status and see which files have updates on the repository and review them in xcode before updating.

While we are able to update our code from git, we never see which files are/were changed and we also miss the ability to review code in xcode (We need xcode to review. Not some diff tool).

How do you guys review incoming code from git in xcode? How does your workflow look like?

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I assume that by updating from git you mean git pull which automatically synchronizes your local branches with remote ones. Instead you can do git fetch. This only updates remote branches, for example for the default remote repository origin it updates only origin/* branches. Then you can review the differences between e.g. master and origin/master and git merge origin/master when you're done.

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Sounds cool, but how do I do that in Xcode? I only have pull or merge. We can do that from the commandline. But then how do I see the code changes? I can't see which lines of code have been changed in xcode. –  P5ycH0 Aug 7 '12 at 8:30
Ah, sorry, I have no idea about Xcode, I assumed you can do normal git commands there. –  Marcin Koziński Aug 7 '12 at 8:34
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To review code using xcode, I've created a local branch development which gets its content from the git repo. This branch is also branched to my 'localdev' branch.

Now, to review incoming code, I pull into development and merge development into localdev using xcode. Now I can see the changes in xcode. Whereas before the pull just updated everything.

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