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I use backbone.js, this code is works fine all modern browser except internet explorer.

var posts ={ return model.toJSON(); });

Something wrong with the toJSON() method, what can I do?


var posts ={ return model });

without toJSON(), still not working, maybe the .map method is the guilty?

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Is the data being returned via JSON to big? Try it with a reduced data size and see if the problem still exists – Dane Balia Aug 7 '12 at 8:22

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I found the solution :

var posts =, function(model) { return model; });
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Why do you have to do this? – Travis Webb Oct 8 '12 at 19:41
The OP is using the native JS .map function on arrays. Calling, [predicate]) uses underscore. – Stevus Jun 12 at 15:06

The toJSON method was introduced in JavaScript 1.8.5.

You can use Douglas Crockford's polyfill script for browsers that don't have JavaScript 1.8.5.

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For me, on ie8, the answer turned out to be that was iterating over all properties in an object (is postslist a hash?) including the inherited Object.prototype.toString method. This caused posts to the server that looked like this:

{ a:1,b:2, /* ... */ toString:'function(){ [native code] }'}

With some extraneous linefeed-carriagereturn characters. The addition of which, caused the server to choke.

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