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I have the following code ..currently its validating but its not displaying error messages one by one i want to display all the error messages at once ...plz help me thanks in advance

if ( $('#employeeid').length > 0 ) {
            if ( $('#employeeid').val() || $('#employeeid').val() == '' ) {
                if( ! $('#employeeid').val().match(/^[I]{1}[BH]{1}[0-9]{1,4}$/i) ) {
                    $('#employeeid-element').append('<ul class="errors"><li><ul class="errors"><li>Please enter a valid employee id</li></ul>');
                      return false;

   if ( $("#firstname").val() || $("#firstname").val() == '') {
                if( ! $('#firstname').val().match(/^[a-z]{0,10}[\s]{0,2}[a-z]{0,10}$/i) ) {
                        $('#firstname-element').append('<ul class="errors"><li>Please enter a employee first name: firstname</li></ul>');
                        return false;

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-1: Google is your friend: bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-validation - this is the very first result returned. It's trusted enough to be included by Microsoft into new MVC projects. –  Tieson T. Aug 7 '12 at 8:28

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Maybe this plugin will help you to do that in a easy way.

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