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How can I extract list of Types from ObjectContext?

For example, I have object context containing an entity named "Bank" and entity named "Company". I want to get the EntityObject type of them.

How can I do this?

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I assume you at run-time want to query the generated ObjectContext class to get a list of EntityObject classes. It then becomes an exercise in reflection:

PropertyInfo[] propertyInfos = objectContext.GetType().GetProperties();
IEnumerable<Type> entityObjectTypes =
  from propertyInfo in propertyInfos
  let propertyType = propertyInfo.PropertyType
  where propertyType.IsGenericType
    && propertyType.Namespace == "System.Data.Objects"
    && propertyType.Name == "ObjectQuery`1"
    && propertyType.GetGenericArguments()[0].IsSubclassOf(typeof(EntityObject))
  select propertyType.GetGenericArguments()[0];

This code will find all public properties on the object context that has type System.Data.Objects.ObjectQuery<T> where T is a subclass of EntityObject.

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In EF4.0, only if remove this line:&& propertyType.Name == "ObjectQuery`1", the results will be ok, otherwise return nothing. Could you explain? –  Lei Yang Jan 3 '14 at 12:26

If you're using Dynamic Data this becomes easier, I just did this in one of our apps

MetaModel.GetModel(objectContext.GetType()).Tables.Select(t => t.EntityType);
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