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I installed Eclipse Juno and key binding does not seems to be working well. I mean, I did add a couple of key bindings.

Ctrl+B Build in Windows
Shift+Ctrl+B Build All in Windows
Shift+Alt+B Toggle Breakpoint in Debugging

But when I press Ctrl+B the typical pop up with both Build All and Build appears.

When swapping Build and Build All and pressing Ctrl+B does show the pop up with only one option (Build All).

Where are those bindings stored, so I can overwrite them directly?

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This is so annoying! Eclipse :( – CoryTrese Dec 11 '12 at 6:24
I can also confirm I am annoyed about this. – Anders Lindén Sep 12 '13 at 19:53
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where does eclipse store keyboard bindings

You'll find where your bindings are stored at the above link. If you browse through the file indicated you should recognize your keybindings. What I found were a bunch of duplicate entries. Back up your file, so you don't screw yourself, and carefully edit out the duplicates--observe the pattern of the working keybindings. After this, I found that from the key editor inside eclipse it was still showing bindings that shouldn't be there (probably some type of caching mechanism). I removed these bindings through the editor, restarted, problem solved.

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I have resolved the problem creating a new workspace and importing the projects all over again.

Not a nice solution but worked. FINALLY.

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