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I have a view model which I map using the knockout mapper to create observable properties from it.

var viewModel= {
    "Name": "Josh",
    "Position": "Developer",
    "PersonalInfo": [{
         "CashierMail": "Test@testin.com",
          "Phone": "1234",


var myViewModel = ko.mapping.fromJS(viewModel); 

I have the following html:

The name is <span data-bind="text: Name"></span>
    <div id="info">
        Mail is <span data-bind="text: CashierMail"></span>
        Position is <span data-bind="text: Position"></span>
        Phone is <span data-bind="text: Phone"></span>

This is my original code using only one binding from myViewModel and it works:


What I want to accomplish is the fields in the div with id "info" to be populated with the data from Personal Info observable array. With other words if <div id="info"> is a component - to be populated with its own datasource.

So I try something like this:

ko.applyBindings(myViewModel.PersonalInfo[0], document.getElementById("info"));

But it does not work.

But I want to do the things as I described above. Here is the code that is not working:


I read this topic which is similar to my case but still couldn't make it work:

Knockout.js ko.applyBindings() hierarchy binding

I am rather new to javascript and knockout and any help with working code will be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time and effort.

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When you try to access an item in an observableArray holds, then you need to access the underlying array like:



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please help me out in this stackoverflow.com/questions/15105737/… –  Oscar Feb 27 '13 at 12:07

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