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I'm looking to use the Jython in a Java project I'm working on. And I'm wondering 2 things.

  1. Can I disable access to Java classes from Python scripts. IE. stop scripts from being able to do things like from java.util import Date?

  2. And can I change the output stream that print "Hello" etc write to, so that I can redirect a scripts output for my implementation?

Or will I have to edit the actual Jython classes to disable and change this?

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Does no one know this? – tomass1996 Aug 18 '12 at 6:46
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In order to restrict access to specific Java classes you could implement a custom class loader and register it to Jython:


If you are doing this because of security issues (disallow some actions on server machine that runs user code) you have to notice that Jython also provides built-in function implementations that won't be caught by your class loader:

Built-in Python function implementations

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One additional approach is to analyze all imports in Python parse tree. I think it's better having more than one security measure:

   String code = "import sys\n"+"from import File\n"+"sys.exit()";
   AnalyzingParser anPar = new  AnalyzingParser(new ANTLRStringStream(code), "", "ascii");

   mod tree=anPar.parseModule();
   Visitor vis = new Visitor() {
       public Object visitImport(Import node) throws Exception {
                       return node;

       public Object visitImportFrom(ImportFrom node) throws Exception {
                       return node;
   List<PythonTree> children=tree.getChildren();
   for (PythonTree c : children){
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