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I'm developing a social portal with ELGG 1.8 and I'm having some trouble with ELGG's default search engine.

What I want to do: I need widgets' titles to be included in the search engine process/result list and they aren't by default. I don't know how to enable it.

What I achieved: Now in search results widgets' descriptions are listed, but no titles yet.

Can someone suggest me something about how to solve this? I already read ELGG documentations from but I didn't find anything usefull.

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Widgets are entites in Elgg. But they differ in such a way that they lack title and description. Your solution is to create a hook for the widget creation event and add title and description and add widget entities to search function. (it needs some major coding)

I am not getting how you are searching widgets based on descriptions? The better place to ask these types of questions is Elgg community itself.

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Thank you for your suggestion, I'll do that. – abierto Aug 18 '12 at 9:42

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