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I am going to start parallel programming using MPI on visual studio c++ 2010. I made all configurations for MPI. Now i can run any MPI program from command prompt, but I want to make the call from visual studio. So I followed the steps in this screen shot

and I got this error :

Debugging information for 'mpiexec' cannot be found or doesn't match.Cannot find or open the PDB file

So what should i do ?

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Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 SDK adds an additional debugger type to Visual Studio 2010 - MPI Cluster Debugger. It could be selected in the Debugger to launch drop down control on the same configuration page that is shown on the screenshot in your question.

Here is a terse one-page how-to on building and debugging MPI projects with VS 2010 and MS HPC Pack SDK that I have created for one of our parallel programming workshops.

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thanks alot that fixed it :) – Ahmed Ghazy Aug 7 '12 at 12:31

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