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I just finished with my web application's GUI part, which relies heavily on groups of radio buttons to provide an option mechanism.

I am looking to collect user choices from radio button groups in order to provide input parameters in certain algorithms.

Wt has not a connection function of this kind declared in its WRadioButton class and the way of creating radio buttons makes uneasy to store user's radio button choice.

How can I proceed on this?

UPDATE: I tried to obtain choices by using checkedButton() (declared in WRadioButton class) but my method didn't work properly.

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I think it's easier to look at the methods and signals of WButtonGroup: selectedId(), which returns the id of the selected WRadioButton, or checkedChanged(), which is called when the selection changes, with the checked button. checkedButton() on the WButtonGroup should work too.

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I've already done this and it worked. checkedId() has an equal effect also. – Kapoios Aug 15 '12 at 21:10

You also could connect all signals to one slot with Wt::WSignalMapper

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