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I am converting VB to VB.NET and I found two error which i have no idea to solve it

listView.SortKey = ColumnHeader.Index - 1

listView.Sorted = False

I know that SortKey is getting the column index for sorting and listView.Sorted is setting turn off or on sorting.

but how is the code in

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Use the ListView.ListViewItemSorter property. There's an example in the MSDN Library article for it. – Hans Passant Aug 7 '12 at 12:11

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You can use ListView1.Sorting = SortOrder.None to turn off the sort.

To sort on a particular column, you can use the ListViewItemSorter

However, when you have assigned a custom sorting class to the .ListViewItemSorter, you cannot disable the sort. You have to assign a new ListView1.ListViewItemSorter = Nothing AND set SortOrder.None.

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