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iam using for my project. there are two textboxes and the user can type in two words. before these two words will be saved in html database i am looking if these two words are already in the the database saved. the problem is i dont know how should look like the correct syntax for the SELECT * FROM words WHERE word1=value1 AND word2=value2.

final String word1 = view.getWord1TextBox().getValue();
final String word2 = view.getWord2TextBox().getValue();
         Database db = Database.openDatabase("Words", "1.0", "Word App", 10000);
         db.transaction(new TransactionCallback() {
                public void onTransactionStart(SQLTransaction tx) {
                    tx.executeSql("SELECT * FROM words WHERE word1=(?) AND word2=(?)", new Object[]{word1, word2}, new StatementCallback<JavaScriptObject>() {
                        public void onSuccess(SQLTransaction transaction, SQLResultSet<JavaScriptObject> resultSet) {
                             System.out.println(" count of rows : "+ resultSet.getRowsAffected());

                        public boolean onFailure(SQLTransaction transaction,SQLError error) {

                            return false;

                public void onTransactionSuccess() {


                public void onTransactionFailure(SQLError error) {
                    //setTextMessageLabel("Could not open database", label );

the resultSet.getRowsAffected() is everytime = 0 how should look like the correkt query? or is there another problem? please help

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How do you know your insert worked?

Does "SELECT * FROM words" return anything?

I use so my syntax is a little different but using the developer tools in chrome you can find the database and run sqlite command in it.

Doing that, this gives me an error

SELECT * from lesson where desc = (summer)

while using quotes works

SELECT * from lesson where desc = ("summer") SELECT * from lesson where desc = "summer"

You may need to escape it in your code...

"SELECT * FROM words WHERE word1=(\"?\") AND word2=(\"?\")"
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