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I started using zombiejs, but i have some begginer questions:

1.) How testing ajax calls ? For example i have php ajax action (Zend)

 public function ajaxSomeAction()
    $oRequest = $this->getRequest();
    if($oRequest->isXmlHttpRequest() === false || $oRequest->isPost() === false) {
        throw new Zend_Controller_Action_Exception('Only AJAX & POST request accepted', 400);

  //process check params...

My zombiejs testing code throws http 400.

2.) How fire jquery plugins public methods ? For example i have code:

(function($) {

 $.manager.addInvitation = function()
    //some code ....

 $.manager = function(options)
    //some code

I try:

Browser.visit(url, function(err, browser, status) 
   // not work

   // also not work


3.) How modifiy header with zombiejs ? For exmaple i want add header x-performace-bot:zombie1 to request send using visit method

Browser = require('zombie');
Browser.visit(url, {debug:true}, function(err, browser, status) 
    //send request witch header x-performace-bot
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After quick testing (on zombie 0.4.21):

ad 1. As you're checking ($oRequest->isXmlHttpRequest()) if request is an xml http request, you have to specify (in zombie) X-Requested-With header with a value of XMLHttpRequest.

ad 2.

// works for me (logs jQuery function - meaning it's there)
console.log( browser.window.jQuery );
// that works to...

Your code must be undefined or there are some other errors in Javascript on your page.

ad 3. There's a header option, which you can pass just as you do with debug.

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