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I have modified a stored procedure and added an extra parameter to be added to a table. The problem is the value for the added parameter is being swapped with an original parameter.

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[spWeb_BulkGenerateWRsDevices]
    @WorkRequestDeviceId nvarchar(max) = NULL,
    @TechnicianId int = NULL,
@RequiredBy  datetime = NULL,
@Priority   int = NULL,
@WRTypeId int,
@WorkRequestSummary nvarchar(255) = NULL,
@AuthorOfRequest   int,
@Contact nvarchar(40) = NULL,
@PhoneNo  nvarchar(20) = NULL,
@StatusId int,
@Created  datetime = NULL,
@CustomerId int
/* Update the WR record */
SET @COUNT =(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM WorkRequest WHERE WorkRequestDeviceId IN(SELECT stringval FROM     dbo.CSV(@WorkRequestDeviceId)))


DECLARE @InsertedRows AS TABLE (WorkRequestId int,WorkRequestDeviceId int)

INSERT INTO WorkRequest 

OUTPUT Inserted.WorkRequestId,Inserted.WorkRequestDeviceId INTO @InsertedRows

     SELECT @TechnicianId ,@RequiredBy,@Priority,@WRTypeId,@WorkRequestSummary,@AuthorOfRequest,@Contact
        ,@PhoneNo,@StatusId,@Created,@CustomerId,* from dbo.fnSplit(@WorkRequestDeviceId, ',')



INSERT INTO WorkRequest 
SELECT * from dbo.fnSplit(@WorkRequestDeviceId, ',')

UPDATE WorkRequest 
AllocatedTo =@TechnicianId ,
RequiredBy = @RequiredBy,
Priority = @Priority,
WRTypeId = @WRTypeId,
WorkRequestSummary =@WorkRequestSummary,
AuthorOfRequest= @AuthorOfRequest,
Contact = @Contact,
PhoneNo = @PhoneNo,
StatusId = @StatusId,
DateOfRequest = @Created,
CustomerId = @CustomerId
WHERE WorkRequestDeviceId IN(SELECT stringval FROM dbo.CSV(@WorkRequestDeviceId))


I have added the CustomerId parameter. When I call the procedure and say set WorkRequestDeviceId = 312 and CustomerId = 148 the table WorkRequest has a new record but with WorkRequestDeviceId = 148 and CustomerId = 312. I am new to stored procedure so sorry for my ignorance, any ideas? James

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Your insert is transposing the variables in the insert statement and the select.

Change your insert to read:

INSERT INTO WorkRequest 

And all should be fine.

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Hi thanks for the speedy response, I actually figured it out myself as soon as I posted. – James Aug 7 '12 at 10:08

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