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I want to insert a new product on a purchase requisition and edit the Purch Price but the field is read-only.

I try to unlock the field in the PurchReqTable form but it is already locked.

I try to find some run-time method that lock the field, but I was out of luck.

Any idea?

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Have a look at the following method in the PurchReqTable Form:

void setFieldAccess()
    boolean allowEdit = purchReqFormMode == PurchReqFormMode::ShowAll ||
                        purchReqLine.LineType == PurchReqLineType::Category ||
                        isUserTaskOwner ||


    purchReqLine_ds.object(fieldnum(PurchReqLine,CurrencyCode)).allowEdit(purchReqLine.RecId != 0);

Notice how LineAmount is disabled if the current line contains a non-catalog item. Changing the settings on the datasource or the table will be overridden by this code at runtime. I hope this helps.

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Very helpfull thank you! –  Klamore74 Aug 8 '12 at 7:31

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