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Wireshark is not capturing https packets. I've tried filtering them by portmap.port == 443 but no https packet is shown, however, http packets are captured fine.

Any suggestions?

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Try to filter for port 443 that should work. Your filter does something else. – Robert Aug 7 '12 at 10:57
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portmap refers to the ONC RPC portmapper protocol. That's only used for ONC RPC protocols such as NFS, YP, and the portmapper/rpcbind protocol itself.

HTTP, and HTTP-over-SSL/TLS, i.e. "https", do not use ONC RPC and, in particular, don't use the portmapper. They run atop TCP, so you'd want a display filter such as tcp.port == 443. (If you want a capture filter, so the only traffic you capture is traffic to or from port 443, port 443 would be the equivalent capture filter.)

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