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I am reading an grayscale tiff image into inputstream using

                InputStream is=objCMBObject.getDataStream();
                bytes = IOUtils.toByteArray(is);
                OutputStream os = response.getOutputStream();

and writing this stream into applet .but now I want to convert this grayscale image to binary image before writing to the applet. I don't want to save the image in file. How to convert inputstream of grayscale to binary?

I can convert the image into binary if I have x,y coordinates but I don't know how to get it from inputstream. Please guide.

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What do you mean 'binary'? You already have it in binary. – EJP Aug 7 '12 at 22:54
@EJP I meant just black and white. – happy Aug 8 '12 at 4:33

When you want to manipulate an image, javax.imageio.ImageIO can be of great use. You can use that to load the image from the stream, apply some operation like a ColorConvertOp, and write the result back to a stream.

As ImageIO doesn't neccessarily support TIFF out of the box, you might have to use a suitable library to provide TIFF support. Answers to another question suggest using Java Advanced Imaging for this.

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