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Launching other applications in Windows phone 7 Programatically

I have created an application in which I download Images/Files and other docs from web for my application but I need them to open using their default file launchers like pdf should be opened via adobe pdf viewer.

Currently I have acheived this using external web browser using webbrowsertask. I want it to happen within the app using webclient or webbrowser control. I tried these two methods, they worked correctly for images and text files but failed for pdf. Is there any other method?

Windows 8 has a native function which launches the default file handler. Is there something similar in WP7?

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If you open a pdf file in browser, browser should reroute you to Adobe Reader if it's installed. If it isn't - bad luck :) – igrali Aug 7 '12 at 10:40
browser takes only absolute URI as parameters. PDF file url will be local/relative and not absolute – Milan Aggarwal Aug 7 '12 at 11:42

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The link provided by Patrick say everything. You can't download and open files other than images and music files. Files like PDF/DOC need to be opened via webbrowsertask, so the file will fall into correct application's IsolatedStorage (for PDFs - Acrobat Reader). If you download the file, it will fall under your app's IsolatedStorage and Acrobat will not have access to that file.

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