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SONAR newbie roadblock:

  1. I just installed SONAR on windows XP. Was able to configure it as a service and get the server running.
  2. Then I installed sonar-runner (in a directory named sonar-run), created a in root, and configured it to point to my Java src project at C:\sonar-run\src.

  3. Tried running from my Java project src directory - C:\sonar-run\src>..\bin\sonar-runner

First it failed with the message

Unable to resolve path '"C:sonar-runsrc"'

so I escaped the path with extra backslashes "C:\\sonar-run\\src", then I am stuck at this error:

Runner configuration file: C:\sonar-run\conf\
Project configuration file: C:\sonar-run\src\
Runner version: 1.3

Exception in thread "main" org.sonar.batch.bootstrapper.BootstrapException: org.sonar.api.utils.SonarException: Unable to resolve path '"C:\sonar-run\src"'
        at org.sonar.runner.Runner.delegateExecution(          
Caused by: org.sonar.api.utils.SonarException: 
Unable to resolve path **'"C:\sonar-run\src"'**

What I think is the error : something to do with Unix/Windows/path/escape sequence.

Observation : earlier I was using C:\runsonar as the folder name and it was escaping \r as a special character.

CONCLUSION: Though this is a localized error I faced, these are the learnings for SONAR newbies:

  1. When you are sonar-runner as the client program , you need to understand SONAR was designed for *nix, so how it behaves in Windows is different and not clearly documented
  2. In the properties file> windows path for src > you need to escape the \
  3. If you path contains a folder starting with r. e.g \src\red then even after escaping like src\\red it will become src \r ed which means a return character, so on for \n etc.
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You have to remove the double quotes in the properties file The error message says Unable to resolve path '"*C:\sonar-run\src"*'

Your entry should look like C:\sonar-run\src

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wow.. that was quick .. worked like a charm.. thx – Pulak Agrawal Aug 7 '12 at 10:56

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