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After worked on many small addon i want to put those add on on my server so that people can download it and use it so that i can get the feedback from the people ..but when i am downloading it from my server(it is a xpi file) getting following error..

Firefox could not install the file at 


because: Install script not found

but when i m putting these files manually in the path it works fine..After fiddling many hours couldn't figure it out whats the problem ...please help me.

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I assume that you are letting the users download your add-on through some install button.

Unfortunately, its not as simple as pointing the browser to the xpi file on the server's file system. Below, I have pasted the script that installs Omture when the user presses on the "Download Omture" button on the add-on's website which you could also find using firebug.

function installExt()
var url="omture_current.xpi";

                     "Omture": { URL: url,
                     toString : function() { return this.URL; } } });
return false;
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