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When I run any program on simulator it opens and shows an error :

Graphics acceleration error - BlackBerry 9900 Simulator

A problem was detected with your current graphics acceleration settings. An OpenGL 1.x+ compatible video card with recent video drivers is required for graphics acceleration. Please try a lower graphics acceleration setting by navigating to the view menu.

The simuator will now revert back to software rendering.

Could not create texture (err=0x501)

Need help on this.

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I develop with Blackberry SDK for Eclipse (plugin) and I appeared the same problem.

I solved by adding the line <BodyBuilder::opengl-acceleration>0</BodyBuilder::opengl-acceleration> in file fledge-settings.conf found in the following directory C: \ eclipse \ plugins \ net.rim.ejde . componentpack7.1.0_7.1.0.10 \ components \ simulator

If this line exists only change the value that is between the tags <> value <> to 0.

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Try the following:

Navigate to the folder where eclipse has installed. In my case it has installed on desktop. ie C:\Users\Username\Desktop\eclipse\ After this navigate to the plugin folder -> Blackberry Installed SDK folder -> Components -> Simulator. Then try to search for file fledge-settings.conf . Open this using Notepad or any editor. Add the below line


before </fledge-configuration> tag.

Path to navigate fledge-settings.conf file:


More info

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Turn off Graphics Acceleration. For BlackBerry Torch 9800 simulator, where to find turning off option (red marker) is shown in following image. Try something like that on your simulator.

enter image description here

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Got the same problem and the emulator crashes (forced shutdown) before I can even touch the settings. :C Is there another way to edit the configuration? – yoshi Aug 13 '12 at 12:00
I tried the solution of levi and the simulator works now thanks for Help :D – Lina Aug 18 '14 at 23:09

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