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I have a problem with generating documentation for files with # in their names. I.e. :

Filename ab#cd.h starts with line:
/** @file ab#cd.h some description */

This description is missing in generated Doxygen HTML. Also all links were wrong but they have been fixed by additional script which exchange # into %23. I'm thinking of another script for renaming file name before and after generation but maybe there is a possibility to deal with the issue in some other way?

Why # char influence Doxygen documentation generation?

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Hashes in filenames are a recipe for problems, but in your example you could simply write

/** @file
 *  some description

No need for the file name, and the description should be put on the next line.

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Thank You. Your solution fixes my problem with hashes (for now :P). "Hashes in filenames are a recipe for problems" - totally agree but it could be worse. They might use hashes and spaces... – footshack Aug 8 '12 at 7:15

Doxygen uses # for links. I believe you can escape a # with a \, but I'm not positive.

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