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I am trying to set up processes in small web development company and I am finding some tools.

We use python and pyramid's framework for development.

What do we need:

  1. Version control system (we want to use git)
  2. Some automatic quality check tool
  3. Api documentation and class diagram generator
  4. Unit testing (want to use pyunit)
  5. Code review tool
  6. Issue tracking system

We are looking for a set of tools, that can be integrated together.

We seek integration of issue tracking system, version control system and code review tool. So you can link each commit with issue and you can see the state of issue and result of review for it.

It would be nice to have also other features integrated, like to have linked api and issues, code review and automatic quality checks and so, but this is lower priority.

Do you know any tools that could be integrated this way together? I know there are some tools for each of these categories, but I am looking for such a set that can be integrated together.

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How could I improve this question, to not to be marked as non-constructive? I think that @mhawke gave good answer, he provided set of tools that are integrated together. I am not starting flamewar which tool is better, I am just looking for such a sets of tools, that can be integrated together. –  Samuel Hapak Aug 7 '12 at 12:54

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I would like to have these tools working with each other nicely. Like version control system, code review tool and issue tracking system communicating with each other.

Not free, but take a look at Atlassian's suite of tools which all integrate nicely. Version control works fine with Crucible (code review tool), issue tracking with JIRA etc.

pylint is absolutely useful, but AFAIK not integrated with Crucible, so you'd be running that externally. pep8 is also a useful tool as part of your code/quality review - install with pip install pep8.

[Does anyone know of any CR tool that will let you run external tools like pylint, pep8, language specific static analysis (e.g. splint) etc?]

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That is a rather broad question. It seems to me that each of the points you are raising can only be answered in a sound way by an in-depth research of your specific requirements and desires.

There is a large number of services online which integrate version control, code review, issue tracking and project management (and more/less) one way or the other.

I would like to point you (exemplary) to one service I personally like: Assembla.

Edit: Regarding continuous integration and unit testing Jenkins might be an option.

For documentation and class diagram generation one would most typically (?) use Doxygen. (See also Can I document Python code with doxygen (and does it make sense)? )

Again: These are only examples and there are many more rather similar options you might consider.

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For CI use Jenkins.… –  Ajay George Aug 7 '12 at 11:05
Thanks - I edited my answer. –  Jakob S. Aug 7 '12 at 11:10
I can confirm Assembla as very good. –  Michel Keijzers Aug 7 '12 at 11:24

Assembla is free to use. I use it for a small project in C#, but is not code dependent.

You can buy external modules, most basic modules are free.

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