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I have a web service written by C#, assume that is http://www.mysvr.com/answer/sms.asmx. This service has a operations named "Hello", one variable named "cnt1", and I will transfer value to this variable.

If I use XML to read it, like:

XmlDocument xdoc = new XmlDocument();


return xdoc.ChildNodes[1].InnerXml;

I will get string "Hello___everybody". There are 5 white space between "Hello" and "everybody". I want to keep this whitespace.

But when I use SOAP to read it, like:

public string Hello(string cnt1)
     object[] results = this.Invoke("Hello", new object[] {cnt});
     return ((string)(results[0]));            

I will get string "Hello everybody". There is only one whitespace between "Hello" and "everybody".

Problem: I want to use SOAP to call web service, and I want to keep 5 white space between "Hello" and "everybody".

Any one can help me to solve this problem? May I have to re-code web service, or add argument to SOAP to enable to read 5 white space?

Thanks many.

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Try including the "Hello everybody" string within

"<![CDATA["    "]]>"
strings. Like:

    <welcome><![CDATA[Hello     everybody]]></welcome>
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