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i want to set custom email for admin on order confirmation.

and i try to change Mage_Sales_Model_Order->sendNewOrderEmail() .

evenif i write exit; in that function, doesn't change output. that method is not calling i have cleared history , so how can i solve that? please help me out of this..

Thanks in advance

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Please describe more exactly what you're trying to achieve. You are using create, set and output so I can't tell whether you want to create an extra email sent to the admin whenever an order confirmation email is sent to a customer/guest, and/or if you additionally want all confirmation emails having their specific layout depending on the receiver, or if you just want to have an admin's email address in CC/BCC whenever an order confirmation mail is sent, or whatever... –  Jürgen Thelen Aug 7 '12 at 23:18

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Email templates for orders are available at /app/locale/YOUR_LANGUAGES/template/email/sales.Here you can customize a lot your emails.

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