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I really love to see something like Reinteract for R. I have been battling with the sourcecode of Reinteract to be able to run it for R. (It is in Python) any ideas on how one may get it to work for R? it is a very useful kind of editor

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Have you tried using RPy? It would let you keep the Python code and pass R code to the R interpreter for evaluations.

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I would suggest to use Eclipse with the StatET plug-in: although it may sound overkill to use an IDE as a GUI, it has loads of interesting features including (but by far not limited to)

  • code templates
  • code completion
  • full history (with limited search)
  • local cvs
  • support for bookmarks

It works great for me on windows. I would also have a look at BioCEP

(Sorry that I cannot provide all the links but apparently new users are only allowed to post one link at a time)

Hope this helps,


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Maybe you could use Rstudio. It has approximatly the same features than StatET but I prefer it because it is less "heavy" than Eclipse.


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I am using the vim-R-plugin

  1. it is a vim plugin so you have all the vim hotness and it is cross plateform
  2. you can send lines, selection to the R interpreter
  3. you can map key to do cool stuff like ,h would open the help on the function the cursor is on
  4. of course you have completion on any package you can load

and so much more, it is by far the best thing I've tried (and I tried many)

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