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I'm working on WinForm app in VS2008, I have a sql table that is in the following order:

Region | Contract  | Name
South  | Miami     | John
South  | Miami     | Peter
South  | Calafornia| Brock
North  | New York  | Josh

I would like to display it in a treeview as follows:

  --New York

I can get it done by reading the database table and making a datatable that looks like this:

ID  | ParentID | Description
1   |          | South
2   | 1        | Miami
3   | 1        | Calafornia
4   | 2        | John
5   | 2        | Peter
6   | 3        | Brock

I would like to know if that is the only way to get the data from the table into a treeview or can someone help me with a more intunative method

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You can also iterate through all the rows returned ordered alphabetically on each level field, and if a level field changes its value, create a new branch on that level.

You always keep the last row in memory and compare the fields from right to left.

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