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I have some Kona25 javacard from Tag systems and I want to use them for encryption and signature of my emails (for example in thunderbird).

I have searched Google, and I found that I need a PKCS11 module for my cards. I search more and I found that Charismathics CSSI provide a pkcs11 module for kona25 cards, but I am looking for an open source or free solution. Does anybody have a offer?

OpenSC doesn't support kona25 cards!

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Why not extend OpenSC yourself, or donate some money/cards to get them supported? I presume you have the PKI applet installed, so you would need the interface specification for that. – Maarten Bodewes Aug 8 '12 at 22:38
Did you finished this project successfully? – Abraham Mar 12 at 20:33

As this is a JavaCard, everything in OpenSC wiki about JavaCard-s applies. If it is a "blank" card, you need to get a PKI applet onto it and deal with everything related.

If you already have a PKI applet on the card and/or if you can't load your own applets (often the case with retailed javacards), you need to extend OpenSC to support it.

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Thanks, I read that wiki again. My cards aren't blank. As I understand we have 2 approach to work with javacards: 1) load an applet on card, and use an host application to communicate with that applet. 2) use a pkcs#11 module for the card. and OpenSC wiki offers first method. Do I understand well? unfortunately, my company prefer method 2. for method 1: I couldn't load Muscle applet to my cards. I had loaded Java Card PKI applet to my cards, but it seems that OpenSC doesn't support it. for method 2: how I can find a pkcs#11 module for my cards? – user1458503 Aug 14 '12 at 10:04

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