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OS X ignores CLASSPATH, I've added following line to the .bash_profile:

export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/path:/anOtherPath

when echo $CLSSPATH I can see provided path but OS X is looking for jars only in /Library/Java/Extensions and appropriated path in ~.

How to add specific path to CLASSPATH?

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There are several options that I've heard of people doing, including adding the new directories to ~/.bash_profile or editing /etc/profile.

That said, what I generally do is to create a file inside /etc/paths.d that has the directories that I want to add to my PATH. If you look at /etc/paths then you can see the format (basically just add the fully-qualified path to each directory that you want to add on its own line in the file). For example, I have a file called android inside the /etc/paths.d directory that has the path to the Android platform-tools folder and also to my NDK folder, because I use them both for Android work.

You could just edit the file /etc/paths but I wouldn't recommend it because that's a system path, and Apple can overwrite it at will if they push a new update to you. paths.d is safer.

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