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I want to get the data between a date. Am having some record with from and to date. Now i want to check that record using a date.

Employee  Leave_from_date  Leave_to_date Leave_Type
001       06-10-2012       07-10-2012    Casual

I want use the select statement like this

 Select * from leave_request where fldempid=001 as L on fldfromdate
     >= 06-10-2012 and fldtodate<='06-10-2012'

if am using 07-10-2012 means the above record displayed again.

Please help me to create this...

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Reverse the usual position of values and columns in a between clause:

select * 
from leave_request 
where fldempid = 001
and '06-10-2012' between fldfromdate and fldtodate
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Thank you so much.. –  Milton Fernando Aug 7 '12 at 15:01

try this one:

SELECT Employee, Leave_from_date, Leave_to_date, Leave_Type 
FROM  leave_request 
WHERE fldempid = 001 AND 
      DATE('06-10-2012') between fldfromdate and fldtodate
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I would suggest to convert the dates over to unix timestamps first so you can safely compare using the <= >= operators


Employee, Leave_Type  
UNIX_TIMESTAMP(fldfromdate) AS Leave_from_date, 
UNIX_TIMESTAMP(fldtodate) as Leave_to_date 
fldempid=001 as L on 
Leave_from_date>=1349481600 and Leave_to_date<=1349481600;

Haven't tried the above but should work with some tweeking...

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