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I have the following code:

public boolean putAll(Multimap<? extends Index, ? extends V> multimap) {
    for (Index index : multimap.keySet()) {
        putAll(index, multimap.get(index));

Where multimap.get(index) is a compilation error:

The method get(capture#5-of ? extends Index) in the type Multimap is not applicable for the arguments (Index)

Have I stumbled upon a famous generics gotcha? I don't quiet see what the problem can be.

Side note: I'm building a class that extends SetMultiMap because I have specific key matching requirements

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Suppose you put in a Multimap<FooIndex, Integer>. Then you've got:

Multimap<FooIndex, Integer> map = ...;
Index plainIndex = ...;
Integer value = map.get(plainIndex);

That's a type failure, because Multimap.get takes a Key. I suspect you need to make this method generic:

public <Key extends Index> boolean putAll(Multimap<Key, ? extends V> multimap) {
    for (Key index : multimap.keySet()) {
        putAll(index, multimap.get(index));

(I haven't tested it, but that makes more sense, IMO.)

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Great, thanks a lot! I had never used generics before a method return type, just learned something new :) Still, in this case, this is the same as public boolean putAll(Multimap<Index, ? extends V> multimap), right? Either way, the problem's understood thanks!. Only problem is, this putAll method no longer overrides the putAll in SetMultimap<Index, V>. I need to use the original interface and I'll change the implementation to make it fit. –  Miquel Aug 7 '12 at 13:26

The signature of the get method is

get(K key) 

Your Multimap is declared as

Multimap<? extends Index, ? extends V> multimap

So you don't know the type of the key. You know that it is or that it extends Index, but you don't know its type. So passing it an instance of Index is invalid.

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I see, you're right, that can't work :/ –  Miquel Aug 7 '12 at 13:19

Did you try just using a regular Multimap and Equivalence.wrap-ing your keys?

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