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When I try to take some nonexistent content from page I catch this error:

The current node list is empty.
500 Internal Server Error - InvalidArgumentException 

How can I safely check exists this content or not? Here some examples that does not work:

    bla bla

    bla bla
if(($crawler->filter('.PropertyBody')->eq(2)->text()) != null){
    bla bla

THANKS, I helped myself with:

$count = $crawler->filter('.PropertyBody')->count();
         if($count > 2){
            $marks = $crawler->filter('.PropertyBody')->eq(2)->text();
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Have you tried something like this?

$text = null;
if (!empty($body = $crawler->filter('.PropertyBody'))) {
    if (!empty($node = $body->eq(2))) {
        $text = $node->text();

$this->assertContains('yourText', $text);
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