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I have a page, where I display different forms using formsets.

These are my models:

class Phone(models.Model):
    mac = models.CharField()

class PhoneLine(models.Model):
    phone = models.ForeignKey(Phone)
    voicemail = models.BooleanField("Voice Mail", default=False)

A phone can have many lines (phoneline), but only one phone line can have voice mail enabled.

By default when I display phonelines using formset, the voice mail field displays as a check box as follows.(I have added prefix to the formset, based on requirements)

form1 of the formset
<input type="checkbox" name="phone_client_line_1-0-voicemail" id="id_phone_client_line_1-0-voicemail">

form2 of the formset
<input type="checkbox" name="phone_client_line_1-1-voicemail" id="id_phone_client_line_1-1-voicemail">

(The checking and un-checking of the checkboxes update the backend)

Based on this thread, Django - Show BooleanField in a formset as one group of radio buttons, I modified the init and add_prefix method of my phoneline form to now display the voicemail field as radio buttons..

class PhoneLineForm(ModelForm):

def __init__ (self, *args, **kwargs):
    super(PhoneLineForm, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
    self.fields['voicemail'] = BooleanField( widget = RadioSelect(choices=((self.prefix+"-"+str("voicemail"), 'Voicemail LIne'),)))

def add_prefix(self, field):
    if field == 'voicemail': return ('%s_%s') %(field, self.instance.phone.id)
    else: return self.prefix and ('%s-%s' % (self.prefix, field)) or field

This modifies the html output to the following:

form1 of the formset
<input type="radio" id="id_voicemail_1_0" value="phone_client_line_1-0-voicemail" name="voicemail_1">

form2 of the formset
<input type="radio" id="id_voicemail_1_0" value="phone_client_line_1-1-voicemail" name="voicemail_1">

As you see, now for the radio field voicemail_1, I have the value of the selected phoneline. If I submit this form, after I select a voicemail_1 radio, it does not update the database.

How can I capture the value of the phoneline selected on submit?. If I overwrite the save method of the phonelineform, what should it contatin..?

Any pointers on this would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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