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All I wanted to do is have a ContextMenu on a Button with the width bounded to the Button's width. Apparently that's too much. If you open the ContextMenu and then decrease the size of the Button and open it again everything's OK (the Width gets smaller). If you increase the Width (from 100 to 200 for example) the ContextMenu's Width increases too (to 200) but it only renders the previous Width (100). I changed the Width myself in code, used ActualWidth instead but though the values seem fine, the context menu's rendering is poor.

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Tried everything i can think about, even used ScaleTransform but nothing works. I think it's probably a bug that no one came across because no one changes the size of their context menus. –  SHD_lotion Jul 27 '09 at 12:13

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The width of the context menu seems to be driven by the text field length of the context item with the longest text field.

If you append a bunch of spaces to one of the context item's text field this makes both that context item and the whole context menu wider.

Everything then draws fine.

Hope this helps.

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Not sure if this applies, but do you have the option to use the SnapToDevicePixels=True? I have found this makes a massive difference in rendering when it is not used... but I am not sure if the option is available on your context menu.

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I do have the option, but it has no affect. I also tried to replace the ItemsPanelTemplate but it still rendered only a part of the ContextMenu –  SHD_lotion Jul 26 '09 at 16:55

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