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I'm sure this subject has been discussed and argued countless times before, but I would like to see what the people here an StackOverflow think. What do you think of Hungarian Notation, especially in the context of Java?

Personally, I have always had a mixed view. It makes variable types quickly identifiable, however, it also seems quite ugly to me. Currently, I only use it on Components (such as JButtons, etc) because it makes it easier to pick them out, however, I feel bad for not being consistent in using it everywhere (I am usually an all or nothing type person). What do you think?

I ask this question for all languages, but I am especially interested in what Java programmers have to say because of the strict Java programming standards. I always try to follow them, but I have never seen Hungarian Notation mentioned and I wonder how it fits in. Thanks!

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Hungarian notation has no place in Java. The Java API does not use it, and neither do most developers. Java code would not look like Java using it.

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I loathe it like the plague it is.

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I think a lot of people share your view! I have some friends who think the same way. –  darthnosaj Jul 26 '09 at 14:39

Just talked about it the other day:


No need. Let Hungarian notation die. Spend your time learning a decent IDE instead.

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If you make the semantic investment of using a statically typed language like Java, further investment in hungarian notation is wasted effort. It can be valuable in dynamically typed languages or loosely typed languages, but the compiler and all modern IDEs will enforce type checking without all the visual noise.

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It fits in however you see it fit in. If you like it - use it. The only advantage that i saw in Hungarian notation is the variable type being embedded into the name of that variable. Honestly, with compilers that are out there right now, i do not see this as a necessity. Most will show you the type when you hover over a variable or as you type it in. The major problem with it is that when the variable type changes, you have to refactor your variables as well as the rest of the logic, which is an extra pain. And to answer the question, i have never used it in Java or any other language other than Delphi.

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