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I'm figuring out which technology to use for my next project, and for now what's going to determine it will be mostly the GUI library. It's best if it has bindings for C# and Java.

It's going to be for a game level designer, and it would be great if there's a dark skin like Unity's, or like latest Adobe products, or even like Blender or Sublime Text 2.

As for technical requirements, it would be great if it allowed Docking, though I could probably hard-code some part of it if it doesn't. I already looked a lot for java Swing look and feels, or GTK#, but I couldn't find anything that's really visually interesting.

Is there any library / theme like this? Thank you!

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The latest version of GTK+ has a improved theme support through CSS files. It's much more flexible than ever before. There is an introduction on The GNOME Journal.

More, Java and Mono all have GObject Introspection. This means you could get a lot of bindings out of box if libraries support GObject Introspection. And it's exactly the best.

In fact, Unity, Blender and even Sublime Text are all written in GTK+! Just give it a go, and feel it!

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This is awesome!! Exactly what I'd need to pass to our designers! Thank you! –  Waneck Aug 8 '12 at 17:19

You can do a lot with Java Swing. An example is blueMarine, a photo management app written with the NetBeans platform (which uses Swing). (I'm not sure if blueMarine is still available - the website doesn't seem to work).

See for example the book Filthy Rich Clients.

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Thank you for your answer. But blueMarine still doesn't feel right for me, in the visual side. It will be a product for designers, and for us the visual aspect is very important. I feel a little shocked to know about the quality of the gui libraries for the most used platforms. –  Waneck Aug 7 '12 at 14:44

Seems like I found a good one, https://vaadin.com/ (with a black theme, http://demo.vaadin.com/ReindeerTheme ) It doesn't support docking elements, though, but in the plus side it supports GWT and JS output!

Still looking for better alternatives, though!

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