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I have two jni projects on android. I want to use one of them for developing the project. One of the projects calls a method of the other project. I don't get any error while compiling the program. However, when I try to run the program I get this error:

Origin 1: /home/devuser/Desktop/workspaceJava/arTTClientDeveloperProject/libs/armeabi-v7a/gdbserver
Origin 2: /home/devuser/Desktop/workspaceJava/ARTTClientMobileAPI/libs/armeabi-v7a/gdbserver
[2012-08-07 16:10:49 - arTTClientDeveloperProject] Error generating final archive: Found duplicate file for APK: lib/armeabi-v7a/gdbserver

Do you have any ideas about this situation ?

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It looks like you included the gdbserver lib both in your project (arTTClientDeveloperProject) and in ARTTClientMobileAPI which I assume is attached to the project as an Android library. Libs from library projects are automatically added to the projects that use them.

I think you should simply remove gdbserver from arTTClientDeveloperProject.

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You have added .jar in 2 place in your project. In libs folder and added using "add external jar". Remove one.

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I just hit this problem because I had NDK_DEBUG=1 defined in building both of the libraries. This should only be at the top level I think.

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Either NDK_DEBUG is duplicated or android:debuggable="true" in both manifests. –  WindRider Jul 11 at 19:54

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