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Hi im stuck on this one.

Setting up a RecentSearchProvider as such

public class MyRecentSuggestionProvider extends SearchRecentSuggestionsProvider {

public final static int MODE = DATABASE_MODE_QUERIES;
public static String AUTHORITY = "com.xxxxx.authority";

public MyRecentSuggestionProvider() {

    setupSuggestions(AUTHORITY, MODE);


However I would like to set the Authority from res/strings ie.

    setupSuggestions(getContext().getResources().getString(R.string.authority), MODE);

Though this gets a null pointer exception.

Any suggestions as to how to get about this? Aiden

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Took me a while but i found a great way to do this.

As my app can be built against many targets, with different package names i did this.

String packagename = getClass().getPackage().getName();
        if (packagename.equals("com.company1")){
            AUTHORITY = "com.company1.authority";
            AUTHORITY = "com.company2.authority";

Hope this helps someone

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