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I've seen a few examples online, but trying to make the best choice for replication conflict. I would like to make a server plug-in to automatically handle conflicts, where the newest document wins.

In contrast we could handle conflicts on each client, but we have both .NET and PHP clients... It just seems easier to do it as a plug-in on the server? Can anyone confirm the plug-in route may be the best route?

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Eric, RavenDB have plugin support (AbstractDocumentReplicationConflictResolver) to handle that. You can teach RavenDB how to properly resolve conflicts using your own business rules by inheriting from this and adding the resulting dll to the plugins directoyr.l

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Someone already made it for you

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If you use RavenDB > 2.0 then check the update here – ms007 Nov 20 '13 at 13:11

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