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I was wondering if sublime text 2 can "tail -f" file like in linux, I'm using windows btw.

I wanted to see apache error log file in xampp.

Notepad++ has it is there a plugin that can do it in sublime text 2?

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I don't know if it's possible or not, but I usually use Baretail which handle pretty well like tail.

The thing I really love with Baretail, is the regex you can define to highlight some part of your log file. Like, put each with line with

  • error inside with a red background, bold and white text,
  • warning message, with an orange background, italic and white text,
  • etc ...

enter image description here

Otherwise, it seems you are not the only one who requested this kind of features (you should upvote the request on userecho).

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There is a project called SublimeTail that is currently in development. Currently available to download in Alpha from Github.

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For a simple solution, you can use in Windows SO GNU utilities for Win32. In this you can find tail -f of UNIX/Linux and another useful commands.

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