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I have some xml that comes in and I want to validate and it can look like this


or could be


The idea is that if it is a reservation for the hotel I want to validate against one set of data as shown: hotelroom number requested, address, etc and then if it's some xml for the restaurant then I want the tablenumber, persons name etc.

I have just been learning xsd so still a noob. I have written a schema for each of the cases but am not sure what to do as I feel I want write something in the xsd file to say IF the reservation comes up then validate against this ELSE IF restaurant comes up then validate against this.

I have read the W3 xsd tutorial but couldn't see anything.

Thanks :D

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You essentially would want either a reservation or a restuarant. You should use xsd:choice which is meant for this. Then the schema can be used to validate.

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Correct answer. To expand on it just a little, the complex type for the hotel element should have a content model that is an xs:choice whose two branches are xs:element ref="reservation" and xs:element ref="restaurant". –  Michael Kay Aug 7 '12 at 20:11

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