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Is this possible?

Using VB.net I am executing a remote perl script. I want a MsgBox to appear on my screen, similar to VBScript.

I tried just doing Win32::MsgBox("Test") but that didn't work. Is it even possible?

I am executing the script remotely FROM a Windows system to a Unix system.

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"that didn't work" is not a diagnostic message produced by Perl or Windows. In what way did it not work? Was there an error message? An exit code? –  mob Aug 7 '12 at 16:01
No error message, no exit code. On my windows system, a msgbox didn't open up. I would assume now that I'm looking into it further is because I am executing the perl script on a unix system, it doesn't have access to Win32 functions. I need to find an alternative though. –  envinyater Aug 7 '12 at 16:14
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You can use text-only replacement like this:

sub AskYesNo {
    my ($question, $default) = @_;
    print $question, $default ? " [Y/n] " : " [y/N] ";
    my $answer = lc(ReadLine 0);
    chomp $answer;
    return 1 if $answer eq "y";
    return 0 if $answer eq "n";
    return $default;

It will select default answer "y" or "n" if user presses just Enter. It may be not pretty, but gets job done and works under any Perl.

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