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Is there an easy way to find out if a particular divider list item (li) has child items or not? The trick here is that the divider and the child items are actually at the same level in jquery mobile.

        <li id='i0' data-role="list-divider">Has Items<li/>
        <li>Candidate Item 1</li>
        <li id='i1' data-role="list-divider">Has no Items<li/>
        <li id='i2' data-role="list-divider">Has no Items<li/>
        <li id='i3' data-role="list-divider">Has Items<li/>
        <li>Candidate Item 2</li>

I need a jquery expression that will tell me if a particular li has child items (based on the divider role) or not?


I have tried, but cannot find a solution without writing a lot of iterative code.

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Here's a function to do that:

function hasChildren ($li) {
  if ($'[data-role="list-divider"]'))
    return false
  return true

Hope this helps. By the way, all the closing tags for the list-divider <li>s are incorrect. They should be </li>, not <li/>. Hope this helps!

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